Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Great tips before you go - with CMO!

 A few tips from my trip.
A great site that connects people who want to housesit with people needing house sitters.  We left the house, dog and cat with a lovely couple of girls we found on the site - and it didn't cost us a penny.  Did I trust them? Yes I did, we met one of them before we went away and my gut feeling was she was absolutely genuine - and she/they were. People housesit for all sorts of reasons and if you're going away and want someone to look after animals and keep the house occupied it's a perfect solution.  It cost me just under £10 for a months subscription, but if you go away a lot you can sign up for a year.
Another great find - we wanted to park in London for the week because we could not take bikes up on the train as we were leaving too early (you can't arrive in London before 10am with a bike on SW Trains). So on this site I could search for people who had a spare garage/drive space where we could park the car - it cost about £10 a day.  You can find places all over London and can rent them by the day/week/month - a super service.

Septime restaurant This is the place we ate my birthday dinner - for all you foodies out there - just make sure you book it next time you are in Paris.  You can only book dinner over the phone and up to no more than either 3 or 4 weeks in advance - sorry can't remember which.  But if your French is not up to Scratch I'm sure CP could help out.

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