Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cooking with Claire

Roast chicken, sweet potato and chillies with tahini greens and coriander yoghurt

A really yummy Sunday evening supper and certainly good enough for a casual dinner with friends. The only thing I changed was I put just a small amount of the Tahini dressing onto warm steamed veg. We all agreed, including Katie, that all together it was absolutely delicious! In case you are new to Tahini, it's a bit like peanut butter but made with Sesame seeds and you can get it in Waitrose.

Super healthy and delicious Autumn Salad
I changed the dessert, but aside from that this was our lunch on 28th December. The Autumn salad got a huge thumbs up from everyone and the only negative on the lamb was we ran out! We also had the wine - all from Waitrose Direct and they were delicious. You can get pheasant breasts from Pinks farm shop on Eton street. But if you don't fancy them I think this would work with duck or chicken.


Get it there... CHEAP from Claire

UK parcel delivery

If you need to send a parcel anywhere in the UK at a low rate, try this site: I was given a golf bag for xmas and needed to send it back, but as it was from an online retailer we had to pay the return cost. I got a quote from UBS and via parcel Monkey I ended up paying less than a 1/4 of the price I was quoted!

Space in a van
If you need to move anything large around the UK - we wanted to send a sofa up to the Midlands office - you can put your requirements on the website - and people with a van who want to do the delivery can bid for your job. We had originally been quoted £150 for someone to do the delivery and ended up accepting a bid for £60 from a lovely guy called Cem. He picked the sofa up and delivered it on Monday as promised.